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I love shooting with an ultra wide angle lens. To get great results you can't be afraid to step right up into the action. It makes the viewer of the final print feel personally involved.

Thanks for visiting my website! I've been involved in film, photography and the visual arts for over 25 years. The simple fact is that I love the entire process... from the mundane researching and selection of photo gear to seeing a favorite photo in print for the first time. It's a much more challenging job than most would expect but I take it very seriously. And the truth is... it's a pretty great job to have!

I didn't become passionate about photography until my college years when I was lucky enough to film a few music videos. That's when I realized that you're only as good as your last body of work. Only then did I feel the professional competition to be on top of my game.

I've photographed everything from landscapes to rock stars to winning Seminole touchdowns, but I must admit that I love photographing weddings. Weddings are very special and packed full of emotion and beauty as well as once in a lifetime moments. It's a true challenge as well as an honor to be asked to capture those moments. I personally photograph every wedding. I do my best to create unique, timeless images using a story telling photojournalistic approach. I like to be as unobtrusive as possible and shoot lots of candid photos. Of course, when it comes time to take the formal photos, I'm quite capable of taking charge and directing the bridal party and family as we take group shots.

I also believe that my clients should own the photos from their wedding day as well as the copy and printing rights to those photos. Afterall, you paid for them, so you can do with them as you please.

Wide angles aren't always appropriate and must be used with great care in the delicate balance between creating a great photo and not being too obtrusive. In the photo below, a traditional Mexican wedding dance is performed where the groomsmen gather to throw the Groom in the air. Wide angle 12mm, f2.8 at 1/500s.

about us

In some personal work, "Moonray" is a quaint little beach house on St. George Island and has a small nook that sits atop the house (fondly called "The Crow's Nest") giving an incredible view of the island and surroundings at sunset. Ultra wide angle 10.5mm, f8 at 1/250s. I invite you to view my other photography work at www.ronranew.com.

about us