The best way to present your wedding day is with the coffee table photo book. It's perfect for the bride and groom, parents and grandparents and close family or friends. Unlike a photo album where you slide photos into plastic, the coffee table photo book is more like a traditional book with full color glossy printed pages and hard cover book binding, offering a new concept in personalization and presentation. The photobook is the perfect touch to a more modern wedding celebration that will last a lifetime.

I custom design your entire book from beginning to end, using all of the best photos which tell the story of your entire wedding day. Of course, you'll get a chance to proof the book and make any changes you desire before it goes to print. Every photo is edited to bring out it's fullest potential. Pricing is kept simple and is based on a flat rate per book. All books contain between 100 to 200 pages. I do not charge "per page". I view your book as a work of art, and it is complete when the best photos have been used and the entire story has been told. You wouldn't want to pay "per page" any more than you would want a portrait painting paid for by the hour. Because of the extensive time and labor involved in creating your personal book, estimated production time is currently 8 to 12 weeks .

All books are professionally bound using case binding (or edition binding) which is the highest quality and most durable type of hard-cover book binding. Real or faux leather is used on the covers and then gold-leaf foil stamped with your names and wedding date in an elegant script font.

Coffee Table Photo Book Pricing

11" x 8.5" - $950 initial book, additional books $295.
14" x 11" - $1450 initial book, additional books $395.

All books are oriented in landscape mode and contain between 100 to 200 pages. You will receive a 10% discount for full payment of books or services at the time you sign your contract.

I strongly urge you to see a sample book and hold it in your hands so that you can feel the quality of the book, see the professionally shot photos and layouts printed on the pages and feel the quality and thickness of each page as you browse through the book.